Ditch the Plastic at your Party - by The Eco Party Place

6 Ways To Ditch The Plastic At Your Party...without being the FUN police!

Want to throw an eco-friendly Birthday party but don't want to take all the fun away from the kids? That's something you don't need to worry about! Here are 6 ways you can ditch the plastic at your party without being the fun police!

Plastic Free Party Bags

The old way was to fill your party bags with cheap plastic toys and those party blowers that last 20 minutes because they get soggy after 5 blows. Not anymore! Now there are so many things you can fill you party bags with to make them eco-friendly! The Eco Party Place offers a range of products to fill your party bags, from activity based party bags fillers, to fun little toy fillers, all completely plastic free!!! Ranging from $2 to $15 there is something for everyone!


Photo credit: The Eco Party Place


Reusable Decorations – Ditch Balloons!

I know kids love balloons but once you have seen first hand what balloons and the pretty ribbon does to our wildlife, you will quickly realise that it’s definitely not worth it. The good news is there are so many other things you can use to decorate an eco-friendly party that will make the little ones smile ear to ear! 

Instead of balloons, use paper lanterns! These can be hung from trees or the ceiling! Another cool trick is to put them at the end of a bamboo stick and stand them up in a heavy vase. This will give them the same look as helium balloons.

Another AMAZING way to decorate your party is with one of these wooden ‘Happy Birthday’ signs from Honeycomb Living! Very affordable and they offer some customisations! I have ordered one for my son’s 1st Birthday coming up and I will use it for all parties to come!

Photo credit: Honeycomb Living 


Wheat Straws That Are Saving Turtles!

Looking for a straw that is 100% biodegradable, compostable, doesn’t become soggy and is cost effective for your eco-friendly party? Well, we have found the answer…Wheat Straws!

Made from natural wheat stems, they are 100% biodegradable, compostable, toxic free and non-porous so they wont become soggy!

I love the Wheat Straws from Loola Loves as they are affordable, come in plastic free packaging and the best part is 50c from every box goes towards The Sea Turtle Foundation! They also have bamboo straws as another option too!

Photo credit: Loola Loves

Wrapper Free Lollies

Are you a lover of sweets and agree that there’s still a place for some sugar at a birthday party? I am! However, they make my stomach turn, but not from the sugar in them, it turns because of all the individual plastic wrapping that’s involved. There is a better way that’s healthier for the environment and the little tummies! Head to your local bulk food store like The Source Bulkfoods and purchase a mix of loose lollies and chocolates. Get as many or as little as you need, reducing cost and waste! Divide them up into little paper bags and you’re one step closer to throwing an eco-friendly party!

Lollie Bags The Eco Party Place

 Photo credit: The Source Bulkfoods


Plastic Free Pass the Parcel Game!

This game will never get old! Take me back to my childhood now please! Party blowers and cheap plastic toys that break before the party ends…ewwww! Check out these little fillers you can use not only for your Pass the Parcel game, but also for your eco-friendly party bags! They include wooden whistles, seed packets, wooden spinning tops, felt finger puppets and so much more! You could also add some of your little lolly bags you made from your bulk food store!

Use some newspaper as the wrapping to make your game SUPER eco-friendly!

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The Eco party Place - plastic free party bag fillers

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Sustainable Gifts!

When it comes to gift buying there are so many incredible Australian small businesses that offer unique sustainable toys. Herb Grow Kits are a popular choice at the moment which is great because they are eco-friendly and teach the kids about sustainable living! Wooden toys like the car from Growing Kind are always a hit with the Birthday Boy or Girl and their parents! It’s a toy that will last and can be passed down generations.

Another one of my favourites are educational picture flash cards and memory card games. Not only are they eco-friendly, they teach kids about our precious wildlife. The more they know about our environment the more they will want to protect it!