The Environmentally-Safe Plastic Substitute You've Never Heard About

Have you ever thought about the damage waste has had on our world?

From polluting our landfills and waterways to releasing toxins in the environment, non-biodegradable waste is killing the world we live in. One major form of non-biodegradable waste that everyone uses today is plastic.

Thus, what are ways to reduce plastic use? To reduce your plastic use, we have compiled a plastic substitute list of items that you can use.

Get ready to help save the world!

The Importance of Using a Plastic Substitute

Using a plastic substitute is important because most municipal governments can recycle only a few types of plastic. Thus, all the other forms of plastic that you recycle or throw away end up polluting our air, waterways, and landfills. To combat this vicious cycle, use environmentally friendly items in replacement of plastic.

To ensure that you are helping the environment, we are providing you with a list with plastic substitute items that you can use.

Plastic Substitute #1: Glass or Stainless-Steel Drinking Straws

As an alternative to plastic straws, purchase reusable glass or stainless-steel drinking straws. There are even special brush devices that you can order now to help you clean glass and stainless-steel straws in between use.

Plastic Substitute #2: Glass Storage Containers

Instead of storing your food in plastic containers that stain and wear out easily, use glass storage containers. Not only do glass storage containers last longer, but they also appear more sophisticated than their plastic counterparts.

Plastic Substitute #3: Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bags

When learning how to reduce plastic use, things made from cloth material are usually a good alternative. Thus, instead of using plastic sandwich bags to hold food, purchase reusable cloth sandwich bags. Some sandwich cloth bags even come in different cute designs.

Plastic Substitute #4: Glass or Stainless-Steel Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are one of the most common plastic items that people throw away only to cause pollution and environmental issues later. To help reduce plastic bottle waste, purchase a glass or stainless-steel bottle and continuously refill that bottle up with water.

Plastic Substitute #5: Reusable Shopping Bags

Although using these items is now common, it is important to note that reusable shopping bags are still environmentally friendly items that everyone should use.  

Reusable shopping bags come in a variety of designs and can even have special pockets in them. Reusable shopping bags are also easy to wash, as they are made of cotton.

Reusable shopping bags are a great alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Plastic Substitute #6: Muslin Pouches

If you are still trying to learn how to use less plastic in your life, one simple way to do so is by not using the plastic bags in the grocery store to bag your fruits and vegetables. Instead, use muslin pouches. Muslin pouches are bags with a thin, breathable fabric in it that helps keep your produce fresh.

Plastic Substitute #7: Glass Jars

Instead of using plastic items to store your food and bulk items, use reusable glass jars. Make sure to label your glass jars so that you do not get items confused with one another.

Plastic Substitute #8: Wooden Cutlery

When you need quick cutlery while eating out or in food courts, opt for wood cutlery instead of the typical plastic ones. Do this because wood items are better for the environment than plastic items.

Plastic Substitute #9: Your Own Coffee Thermos

To reduce plastic use when at coffee shops or work, bring your own coffee thermos to pour your coffee into instead of using disposable coffee cups. Although most coffee cups are made from a plastic resin that is recyclable, most places lack the infrastructure to recycle this material. Thus, using your coffee thermos is much better for the environment.

Plastic Substitute #10: Razors with Only Disposable Blades

Instead of using a new plastic disposable razor every day, purchase razors that you only have to replace the blade to when needed. This is one of the ways that you can reduce plastic use.

How Can I Sustain This Lifestyle?

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, using all these plastic substitutes will make the environment better. It will also help you create a cleaner and more efficient lifestyle. If you take it step by step, it will become natural to you.

To talk to us and tell us the impact that living a less plastic lifestyle has had on your life thus far, contact us here.