About Us

At Loola Loves, we created a business to sell products that matter to us and the world.

We aim to be the leading online business for Wheat & Bamboo straws because - nobody likes a sad turtle.

Did you know that plastic straws are the most common items found on beaches all over the world? At Loola Loves we think that's wrong & we are committed to doing our part.

We hope you feel inspired to be better & do better and if just changing your straw habits can save one turtle then we think you're on the right track.

50c from each box goes to The Sea Turtle Foundation. They are a non-profit, non-government group based in Australia working to protect sea turtles through research, education and action. 

If you're a business ready to change to a compostable straw option, or an interested retailer....please contact us at sales@loolaloves.com.au