Q & A

How are the Wheat straws made?

Loola Loves wheat straws are made from natural wheat. Once the wheat plant has reached maturity the grain is harvested & the wheat stems are removed & typically either disposed of or used for animal feed....or in our case....drinking straw!  Loola Loves straws are made from the stem of the wheat plant & not the grain. 


Are the wheat staws gluten free?

For a product to be classied as gluten free it needs to contain less than 20 parts per million. Loola Loves wheat straws have a gluten reading of 8 parts per million so are classified as gluten free. We recommend anyone with severe allergies to consult your Doctor or allergist before using.


Are the wheat straws compostable?

They are an organic material so can be used in compost.


How are the wheat straws prepared for use?

They are sterilised in boiling water three times then dried & packaged.


Are they a soggy mess like paper straws?

No....thankfully. They are non-porous & will stand forever straight & tall. 


What length are the wheat straws?

Loola Loves wheat straws are available in 2 lengths....13cm & 20cm.


Are they reusable?

Wheat straws are designed to be single use.


How are the Bamboo straws made?

Once the stems are cut they are transformed into straws by firstly drying them. Then they are cut into lengths (Loola Loves bamboo straws are approximately 19.5 cms in length). They are then disinfected by boiling. They are then dried & packaged.


How do I clean my bamboo straws?

Each box of 10 bamboo straws comes with 2 cleaning brushes. We recommend washing in warm soapy water using the brush. Bamboo straws can be put through a dishwasher.


Do you wholesale?

Of course....please contact us at sales@loolaloves.com.au for all wholesale enquires. 


Do you love turtles?

Well thanks for asking....yes we do! We donate 50c from each box to The Sea Turtle Foundation. 


Are larger quantities available? 

Yes, we are introducing larger boxes of wheat straws....stay tuned. If you require larger quantities of Bamboo or Wheat straws please let us know. 


Do you ship overseas?

Of course....anywhere, anytime.